Graph Theory Problem Solving - Session 1 ( Basic Graph Theory and Graph Representation )

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Things we will discuss here.

Practice Problem

3. New year transportation ( 500A )
4. Network Topology ( 292B )
5. A way to Home

Bonus Problem: Forming Teams ( 216B ) (Contributed by Ahmed Essam)

Note: Some problems may no require the above concept and some may require more concepts, these are warm-up problems, an easy one.

That's all for this article, in the next article we will be discussing Graph TraversalBefore moving to the next session do practice the above problems ( If you stuck then do comment Question Number for Solution and your approach so that other programmer or we can help you ).

If you have some content OR material related to this then do share them through the comment section for which we will be thankful to you.

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  1. Im getting RE in the first problem OMWG. My approach is simple, every iteration in a nested loop through the 2D grid I colored the visiting node and checked the four neighboring node of that node whether they are colored. If yes I counted. plz help


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