Prime Number - Hackerearth Problem Solution - CODELABS3277

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Given: Positive Integer, N and we need to display all the prime number till N.
it is also given that 1<=N<=1000,

Solution 1:

So the concept which is used to solve is that every prime number has to factor 1 and itself. So run a loop from 1 to n and count the factors, if it is 2 then prime else not.

By - PraveenKumarRana

Solution 2:

In this, we are dividing each number(i in this case) with j(2<=j<i). if i gets divisible by j then we do not need  to check with other j as it failed to be a prime number and thus inner loop breaks.
If it does not enter if condition then flag remains 0 which means it is not divisible by any j so it's a prime number .

By - Amar Kumar

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